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Life Slows Down

Posted by Tony Purinton on Oct 1st 2015

When a killer backpacking trip is just a week away, it's hard to take your norm seriously. This time next week your existence will become tiny and your surroundings massive. Life will slowdown to 2.5 … read more

I've Got it Easy Peazy

Posted by Tony Purinton on Aug 6th 2015

Living close to a military base I have the pleasure of being able to hangout with active and former military personnel. From time to time the subject of hiking and backpacking comes up. I get a lot of … read more

The Show is About to Start

Posted by Tony Purinton on Jul 15th 2015

“Sorry I have to go to bed early tonight.”“What why?”“There is a storm coming and I need to be in the mountains when it hits.” While most people run away from bad weather, some of us dance out in … read more

Welcome to the Club

Posted by Tony Purinton on Jul 1st 2015

I recently had the opportunity to take someone that was fairly new to hiking on an ass kicker of a day hike. I’m talking a pre-dawn start with the first nine miles being a 5000 ft. accent to a 10,800 … read more


Posted by Tony Purinton on Jun 24th 2015

Not too many things in my life give me anxiety. But when I think about the drought conditions and the effect on my beloved mountains here in southern California I start to fidget and my stomach s … read more