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Prashamana प्रशमन

Prashamana प्रशमन

Posted by Jaime Purinton on Oct 30th 2017

A couple months after my accident (click here if you don’t know my story) my surgeon sent me to physical therapy to learn to walk again. I had been in a wheelchair for two months and my once strong … read more

I've Got it Easy Peazy

Posted by Tony Purinton on Aug 6th 2015

Living close to a military base I have the pleasure of being able to hangout with active and former military personnel. From time to time the subject of hiking and backpacking comes up. I get a lot of … read more

Launch Party Awesomeness

Posted by Jaime Purinton on Jun 15th 2015

Our launch party was beyond awesome! We launched June 6th, appropriately on National Trails Day, and are so energized by such a great turn out. Fallbrook Brewing Company, our gracious host, was filled … read more