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Welcome to the Club

Posted by Tony Purinton on Jul 1st 2015

I recently had the opportunity to take someone that was fairly new to hiking on an ass kicker of a day hike. I’m talking a pre-dawn start with the first nine miles being a 5000 ft. accent to a 10,800 … read more


Posted by Tony Purinton on Jun 24th 2015

Not too many things in my life give me anxiety. But when I think about the drought conditions and the effect on my beloved mountains here in southern California I start to fidget and my stomach s … read more

Launch Party Awesomeness

Posted by Jaime Purinton on Jun 15th 2015

Our launch party was beyond awesome! We launched June 6th, appropriately on National Trails Day, and are so energized by such a great turn out. Fallbrook Brewing Company, our gracious host, was filled … read more


Posted by Tony Purinton on Apr 26th 2015

Your legs are on fire. You're dirty and sweaty. Your backpack seems to be getting heavier and the switchbacks won't end. This is about the time when that question pops into your head and demands an … read more